Iranian Marble Slabs


RayanStones is one of the leading manufacturers and exporter of Iranian Natural Stones Slabs and Tiles including travertine, marble, limestone, granite, onyx stone located in Tehran-Iran. The factory is located Kashan, next to 65 different travertine and marble stone quarries. We are not quarry (mine) owner, but we have great power in supplying high quality Persian Natural Stone blocks to supply our honored client with high quality stone slabs.

Where Do We Export?

We have already been exporting our first quality stone products (tiles, slabs, blocks, fireplaces, Countertops etc,) to many different countries such as UK (England), Ireland, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, USA, Turkey, Poland, Netherlands, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and UAE. It has been a while we have focused on producing and exporting Iranian Marble Slabs instead of Tiles. Now the destination of our stone slabs are a bit different, we are currently exporting to Oman, Kuwait, UAE, Russia, Azerbaijan and some Asia Pacific countries. we are proud of our 1st grade products at discounted prices and soonest production duration. You can check our partner website here.

Iranian Marble Slabs

When it comes to covering a luxurious floor or wall space, there are several paths you can take. One of the most beautiful as well as economic paths would be using Iranian Marble Slabs. You could invite the natural look into your home and also not to expend huge amounts of money for Italian Stones. Our Crystal Stone Slabs will give a perfect look to your  floor and wall areas, and make them alive with their natural engravings. Browse our selection today.

Bookmatched Iranian Stone Slabs

There are multiple stylish possibilities when it comes to wall and floor slabs. From cross-cut travertine slabs to Bookmatched and Fourmatched stone slabs. As an experienced stone slab exporter, we are ready to provide our stylish elegant clients with all above mentioned possibilities. You need Persian Stone slabs, we make them all.