Iranian marble stone slabs

Persian Marble Slabs

Persian Marble Slabs are very popular in the local as well as the international market. Iranian Building Stone Slabs are one of the most popular and beautiful natural stones and it has its loyal fans for many years. The Persian Marble slabs are used in the construction industry and attracts everybody with its colored backgrounds. It can be used in most residential & commercial spaces as interior or exterior floor or wall covering. Persian Marble quarries are scattered all over the country from North to South. RayanStones Co. is being provided by the blocks from different quarries in the region. Iranian stone slabs have a low water absorption capacity and is resistant to cold and heat, therefore it is a suitable option for being used as floor or wall covering in wet & humid areas.

Iranian Carrara Marble Slabs
Iranian White Marble Slabs
Persian Black Marble Slabs
Persian Grey Marble Slab
Polished Marble slabs
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Iranian marble stone slabs
Iranian Black Marble Slabs
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Persian Silver Marble Slabs
Persian Gray Marble Slabs


There are different finishing possible for Persian Marble Slabs. They can be unpolished, polished or brushed. Depends on what our honorable clients ask, we are able to provide them with different kinds of finishing for the stone products they need. Natural Stones products are very luxurious and the money you spend will bring luxury to your house. Due to its special specifications and good structural features. Persian Marble Slabs have great amount of water absorption, and its not high resistance to moisture, cold & heat has made this stone a sensitive option for a large number of architects & construction companies. Iranian gray Marble is one of the few stones that can be used both in the interior and exterior building spaces with polished, honed (matte) and Brushed (leather) finishing.


There are various factors in determining the price of any stone product, and the price of Persian Silk Marble Slabs are also not excluded. The most important of factors are the thickness of the tile or slab, color, and processing quality. The price of Persian grey marble slabs is also affected by these factors as well. The larger the tile or slabs size is, and the better the processing quality would be, the higher the price would be. RayanStones Company usually cut and process the slabs of Persian marble stone in 2 and 3 cm thicknesses. We produce 1st grade high quality marble stone tiles & slabs suitable for European markets.