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crystal stone slabs

Travertine Basins

If you are planning to install or replace the wash basin inside the bathroom, the best options is travertine round basins. Because you can instantly create a significant aesthetic appeal. our travertine basins are practical, suitable and exciting. Exciting is a right word because a travertine wash basin can be functional and decorative at the same time.

We can offers a gorgeous travertine wash basin fits well in any kind of bathroom design. Travertine has a natural and textured look with colors that are typically warm. Colors can range from light beige, Ivory, white, beige, cream, gold, brown (noce) and red. There are usually variations in the shade and pattern to make each basin unique from the other.

Travertine wash basins, what else?

Apart from wash basins, travertine can also be used as floor tiles in the bathroom, kitchen and outdoor spaces. It is also a popular material for countertops because once honed, the tiles can be easy to clean with a damp cloth. Tiles made from travertine are not slippery that is why they make excellent additions to homes and businesses.

On the other hand, RayanStones offers you another option in marble basins with very distinct color patterns. It is common for marble to come in a single solid color with streaks that looks like veins in a more pronounced shade. However, you can find white marble with black or grey veins that make it look elegant and classy.

You can immediately distinguish marble from other stones because of its distinct color patterns and its durability. The texture of the stone is smooth but we can manufacture it a satiny honed finish or high gloss polished finish that makes it sparkle and glitter. Marble is a good material for bathrooms because it can easily take a beating from kids. The only care it needs is a yearly sealant application. However, marble like travertine has a very high price tag. If budget is not a concern, there two materials will provide your more value for the money paid.

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