Marble Slab Price

Definitely the Iranian marble slab price is one of the first questions of customers. Sometimes, even before checking the quality of the product, the first question goes to Marble slab price. We all agree that the price matters, but like any other product; price is not the only important parameter. When we are talking about the slabs, then size, finishing, processing quality, quantity and etc., are very important as well. Premium quality marble slabs will definitely have a much higher price in comparison to a commercial grade marble slab. It is obvious the more you want, the more you need to pay.

Slab Sizes

One the most important parameters that can affect the marble slab price is the size of the slabs. The bigger the slab sizes are the more expensive the final price would be. Bigger blocks are more expensive, also more money should be paid for transportation and handling. Cutting them is harder and more risky. Processing the big slabs is more difficult, so it is rational that the final marble slab price is higher in general.

Slab thickness

We normally cut slabs with 2 cm and  3 cm thickness, 3 cm thickness will need 30% more raw material, so automatically the price would be higher than same quality stone with 2 cm thickness.

Finishing Quality

There are different kind of machinery and also processing materials (filling resins, mesh etc.) that will lead to different final stone quality. When using better machinery as well as processing materials, the final result would be different. The higher the finishing quality is, the higher the marble slab price would be.

Marble Color

From many years ago, the very light or very dark colors are more attractive for clients. For example white marble slabs are have more inquiries in comparison to Beige marble slabs. Also this is the same for Black marble slabs and they are more demanding than grey marble slabs. When there are more demand for a product in the market, it’s price will increase. So you will need to pay more for such products.

Order Quantity

When discussing about placing an order, the seller most of the times prefer to get a larger order. This is because the larder the order quantity is, the lower his production and handling cost would be. Also when the order is too big, it is easier to cut the profit to decrease the final price. So for bigger order we can cut the profit margin easier to satisfy the clients.

In general, at the time of writing this article, we are able to offer our stone slabs from USD 29.00/sqm to USD 65.00/sqm. For more information please contact our sales staff via email or whatsapp.