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Beige Travertine French Pattern: Timeless Elegance for Your Space

Beige travertine French Pattern offers a remarkable flooring choice that seamlessly merges classic beauty with adaptable design. Recognized as the Versailles pattern, this arrangement skillfully organizes medium travertine tiles of varying sizes into a distinct and captivating layout. By combining large squares, large rectangles, small squares, and small rectangles, Cream travertine Versailles pattern brings forth a remarkable aesthetic that has the power to elevate any space into a work of art.

The allure of Medium travertine Versailles pattern lies not only in its eye-catching arrangement but also in the natural charm of the Beige travertine itself. The soft, neutral tones of cream travertine tiles radiate warmth and elegance, making them an ideal choice for both traditional and contemporary spaces. Whether you’re designing a cozy living room or a grand outdoor patio, cream travertine French Pattern tiles create an atmosphere that exudes sophistication.

What is French Pattern?

The French Pattern, also known as the Versailles Pattern, is a layout for natural stone tiles. As the matter of fact, it involves using tiles of 4 different sizes. Actually it is consist of a large squares (40×40 cm), large rectangle (40×60 cm), and small squares (20×20 cm), and small rectangle (20×40 cm) arranged in a specific way without uniform grout lines. This creates a mosaic-like effect that adds elegance and depth to surfaces. The pattern is popular for its ability to transform floors and outdoor areas into visually captivating spaces with a touch of sophistication.

Eventually, Each Beige travertine French Pattern set is consist of:



Tile Size (cm) Tile Size (inches) Qty (pcs/set) Qty (sqm/set)
40×40 16×16 4 0.64
40×60 16×24 2 0.48
20×20 8×8 4 0.16
40×20 16×8 2 0.16
Total per Set 12 1.44
Beige Travertine French Pattern

Available Finishes:

In conclusion, Medium travertine French Pattern offers a range of enticing finishes that add depth and character to its already elegant design. The “Honed & Filled” finish presents a smooth and matte surface, perfect for a refined and understated look. On the other hand, the “Polished & Filled” finish takes the pattern to a level of luxurious sheen, reflecting light beautifully. For those seeking a more textured and rustic charm, the “Brushed & Unfilled” finish offers a tactile and earthy aesthetic. Additionally, you can explore less common options like “Honed & Unfilled” for a distinct touch, “Polished & Unfilled” for a unique twist, and “Tumbled & Antique” for an unconventional appeal, each offering a fresh perspective on the classic Cream travertine French Pattern. With this array of finishes, you can tailor the pattern to harmonize with your desired style and ambiance because it is French Pattern Style.